AcasăSănătateCe se întâmplă când contactezi 988 în legătură cu suicidul?

Ce se întâmplă când contactezi 988 în legătură cu suicidul?

Ce se întâmplă când contactezi 988 în legătură cu suicidul?


Call or Text 988 for Immediate Support: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


When faced with thoughts of suicide, mental health or substance use crises, or emotional distress, it’s crucial to have immediate support available. In the United States, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers free, live assistance to those in need. With the recent introduction of the 988 number in July 2022, it has become even easier to remember and dial this lifeline. In this article, we will delve into the importance of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the significance of the newly introduced 988 number.

The Lifeline: A Beacon of Hope Since 2005

For over a decade, individuals seeking support have been able to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 (TALK). This helpline has played a vital role in providing immediate assistance to those facing emotional crises. The Lifeline has answered countless calls, providing a lifeline for individuals across the country.

Introducing the 988 Number

In July 2022, a new number, 988, was introduced to complement the Lifeline. This number makes it even simpler for individuals to remember and connect with the lifeline when in distress. The goal of the 988 number is to ensure that people can quickly access the support they need, potentially saving lives in the process.

Immediate Support at your Fingertips

When calling or texting 988, the first step is a greeting message that provides options for connection to various specialized helplines. These options include:

  • Connecting to the Veterans Crisis Line
  • Accessing help in Spanish
  • Remaining on the line to be connected to the nearest Lifeline crisis center based on your area code

This personalized approach ensures that individuals receive the most appropriate assistance for their specific needs, offering immediate support and a sympathetic ear during times of crisis.

A Network of Lifeline Centers

With over 210 independent, locally operated crisis centers forming the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network, individuals can be confident that help is readily available. In the rare event that a local crisis center is unable to answer a call, the lifeline system seamlessly routes it to another center. This network ensures that nobody is left without the support they need.

The Power of Dialogue and Compassion

By providing a platform for open dialogue and compassionate conversation, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline enables individuals to express their emotions, share their struggles, and receive guidance from trained professionals. Oftentimes, simply having someone to talk to can alleviate the heavy burden of distress.


In times of emotional crisis, quick and accessible support is crucial. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, along with the newly introduced 988 number, provides a lifeline for individuals in need. Whether you or someone you know is facing thoughts of suicide, a mental health or substance use crisis, or any form of emotional distress, reaching out to the Lifeline can make a world of difference.


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