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Terapia prin scris oferă speranță pentru PTSD – o variantă captivantă și interesantă. (60 characters)

Terapia prin scris oferă speranță pentru PTSD – o variantă captivantă și interesantă. (60 characters)

The Effectiveness of Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD Treatment

Two therapies have emerged as effective approaches for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): written exposure therapy and prolonged exposure therapy. Recent studies have shown that written exposure therapy has yielded promising results, with a significantly lower rate of dropout compared to prolonged exposure therapy.

Comparing the Therapies

A study conducted by a team of researchers found that both written exposure therapy and prolonged exposure therapy were equally effective in treating PTSD. However, only 12.5 percent of subjects dropped out of the written exposure group before completing the treatment course, whereas 35.6 percent dropped out of the prolonged exposure group. These findings highlight the potential benefits of written exposure therapy in improving treatment adherence and patient outcomes.

In another study conducted in 2018 by the same research team, written exposure therapy was found to be as effective as cognitive processing therapy, which is considered a first-line treatment for PTSD. This further supports the growing recognition of written exposure therapy as a viable and valuable treatment option.

Advantages of Writing Down Traumatic Memories

One beneficial aspect of written exposure therapy is its appeal to individuals who may feel shame or embarrassment about their traumatic experiences. Denise Sloan, a psychologist involved in the development of this treatment, emphasizes the therapeutic value of writing. Patients are asked to write by hand, which allows for a slower process of engagement with their memories. This slower pace enables patients to more thoughtfully reflect on their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and thought patterns.

Writing down traumatic memories serves as a catalyst for comprehensive reflection and analysis. It prompts individuals to consider the sequence of events and their emotional responses, allowing for a clearer understanding of the impact of the trauma.

Realizing the Benefits

  • Enhanced Therapeutic Process: Written exposure therapy offers a slower and more immersive approach, enabling patients to fully engage with their traumatic memories and thought processes.
  • Improved Treatment Adherence: With a significantly lower dropout rate compared to other therapies, written exposure therapy increases the likelihood of patients completing their treatment course.
  • Accessible and Effective: The efficacy of written exposure therapy in treating PTSD, as demonstrated by various studies, highlights its value as a therapeutic option.

By acknowledging the advantages of written exposure therapy and its potential to help individuals overcome PTSD, we can foster a greater understanding and acceptance of this treatment modality. The insights gained through writing have the power to transform the healing journey and provide hope for those living with PTSD.


As research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of written exposure therapy, it is important to recognize its potential value in treating PTSD. By engaging patients in a slower and more reflective process, this therapy allows for a deeper exploration of traumatic memories, leading to improved treatment outcomes. With its lower dropout rate and comparability to other first-line treatments, such as cognitive processing therapy, written exposure therapy offers a promising path to recovery for individuals struggling with PTSD.

It is important for healthcare professionals and individuals alike to consider the benefits of written exposure therapy, as it may provide a transformative and accessible treatment option for those seeking to heal from the impacts of trauma.


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