AcasăȘtiri generaleRomânia, o țară fără strategii anti-sinucidere. Hai să schimbăm asta împreună!

România, o țară fără strategii anti-sinucidere. Hai să schimbăm asta împreună!

The Need for a National Suicide Prevention Strategy in Romania

In Romania, the absence of a national strategy or program for suicide prevention is a cause for concern, according to Prof. Dr. Doina Cosman, the President of the Romanian Suicide Prevention Alliance (ARPS). While other countries, such as Australia and Finland, have successfully implemented comprehensive suicide prevention programs, Romania is lacking behind. This article explores the urgent need for a national suicide prevention strategy in Romania, discusses the existing challenges, and emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action to address this critical issue.

The Importance of Suicide Prevention Programs

Across Europe and the world, several countries have recognized the significance of implementing robust suicide prevention programs. Australia, for instance, has developed highly effective initiatives that have proven successful in reducing suicide rates. In Europe, Finland’s comprehensive program serves as an excellent example of how a well-designed strategy can make a significant impact in preventing suicides. These programs focus on raising awareness, early detection of risk factors, and providing appropriate support and intervention.

The Current State in Romania

Contrary to these examples, Romania does not have a national strategy or a specific law targeting suicide prevention. The Mental Health Law, implemented in Romania since 2002, only implicitly references the risk of suicide without explicitly addressing it. While efforts have been made to address mental health issues, a targeted approach to suicide prevention is crucial. Without a comprehensive strategy, it becomes challenging to coordinate resources, implement effective prevention measures, and provide adequate support to those in need.

The Consequences of Inaction

The absence of a national suicide prevention strategy has serious consequences for individuals and society as a whole. Suicide rates in Romania remain alarmingly high, and the lack of a dedicated strategy exacerbates the problem. Without proactive measures in place, individuals at risk may not receive the help they need, and many lives could be lost unnecessarily. Furthermore, the impact of suicide extends beyond the immediate loss, affecting families, friends, and the larger community.

The Way Forward

It is crucial for Romanian authorities, policymakers, and healthcare professionals to recognize the need for a national suicide prevention strategy. By implementing a comprehensive plan, Romania can better identify those at risk and provide targeted support and interventions. Here are some steps that could be taken:

  • Educational Programs: Introduce educational programs in schools and communities to raise awareness about suicide, its warning signs, and how to reach out for help.
  • Training for Healthcare Professionals: Train healthcare professionals to identify and respond to risk factors and suicidal ideation effectively. This includes general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers.
  • Helpline and Support Services: Establish a national helpline and ensure accessible mental health support services are available to help individuals in crisis.
  • Collaboration: Foster collaboration among relevant stakeholders, including mental health organizations, government agencies, schools, and community leaders, to develop and implement a coordinated approach to suicide prevention.
  • Data Collection and Research: Invest in data collection and research to better understand the factors contributing to suicide and tailor prevention strategies accordingly.

A Call to Action

The absence of a national suicide prevention strategy in Romania is a pressing issue that needs to be urgently addressed. It is crucial for stakeholders to come together and develop a comprehensive plan that puts the well-being of individuals at the forefront. By implementing a targeted strategy, Romania can save countless lives and create a society that supports mental health and well-being. Let us take action now and prioritize suicide prevention for the betterment of our nation.


The lack of a national suicide prevention strategy in Romania poses a significant challenge in tackling the alarming suicide rates in the country. By learning from successful programs implemented in other countries and tailoring strategies to the Romanian context, we can develop a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention. Educational programs, training for healthcare professionals, accessible support services, collaboration among stakeholders, and data collection and research are all vital steps toward reducing suicides in Romania. By taking action now, we can save lives and create a society that prioritizes mental health and well-being.


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